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I have been taking karate & jiu-jitsu at Lion’s Crest for 10 months and two of my daughters are also attending. Michael & Sydney are excellent instructors and are very trustworthy. They provide classic teaching with an emphasis on practical application. They keep the classes interesting for all ages and are aware of each students skills and limitations. We love the classes, would highly recommend attending!
— Rich A.


training in the martial arts can draw these qualities out. Our goal at Lion's Crest is to teach them how to learn, and with this, they will have all the tools to become a successful adult.This becomes a TRUE confidence builder.OUR KIDS' PROGRAMS ARE FUN, BUT WILL REQUIRE HARD WORK:

5-7 Year Old Classes

STRUCTURE | Listening and following instructions take priority over punches and kicks. We use a variety of drills and games help kids develop good listening skills along with better coordination. Quality Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Karate start with step by step instruction of the basics; our instructors go over these basics on a level that our 5-7 yr olds can understand and accomplish.

8-10 Year Old Classes

DISCOVERY | These classes focus on building a foundation of martial arts training. Our children discover the coordination, speed, accuracy, endurance, and attention to detail they are capable of. Our instructors focus on repetitious drilling to ensure our kids can understand and apply the technique.

We teach martial arts as both self defense and sport. As a self defense, we emphasize when and how to defend yourself. As a sport, our classes encourage kids to make healthy choices.

11-14 year old

PREPARATION | As our teens prepare for adulthood/independence, our classes give them opportunities to take ownership over their training. Our goal is to see them continue a lifetime of training in the martial arts: a reference to our motto “Train for Life.” Instructors elevate our teens understanding of technique, timing, and application.

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