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With Lion's Crest Martial Arts, you'll have the resources you need to live a healthy lifestyle and gain the confidence you need for self defense and competition. Whatever your goal is we have something for you! Every class is guaranteed to challenge you and hone your skills.








We are conveniently located just off of Interstate 40 in Burgaw, NC.


Looking for a challenge? You’re in good company…


Our Adult's Membership offers Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Kick Boxing, and Women's Only Kick Boxing. Each program brings a different challenge that will sharpen your skills in competition and self defense. No matter the skill level, our team cares about your training and safety. Scroll down for more information about our different programs to help you Train for Life. 



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Mike and Sydney are amazingly talented coaches with excellent technique, welcoming personalities, and a passion for teaching the Gentile Art. I highly recommend their school to practitioners of all levels, if you live in or near Burgaw, go train here, you will not regret it!
— Andrew Schaeffer


Our Kick Boxing gives you the tools for practical self defense along with providing a great workout. Michael and Sydney Lewis have the ability to teach all skill levels, effectively helping their members with strength, fitness, flexibility, balance, technique, and confidence. Class begins with warmups and stretches before drilling. Drilling consists of footwork, basic strikes (punches & kicks), partner offense/defense combos. Finally we move into pad work and heavy bag rounds.

Suggested equipment for your trial class is 10 - 16 oz boxing gloves, provided at the academy



Our Women's Kickboxing Program is more than just a cardio workout, it is real self defense. The drills and techniques challenge you mentally and physically to build confidence in your self protection. Join our ladies now and be encouraged towards your goals. Suggested equipment for your trial class is 10 - 16 oz boxing gloves, provided at the academy



Focusing on technical skills and knowledge, our instructors challenge new and experienced members to take their Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to a higher level.

We start with basic movement drills that apply to the technique of the day. A step by step approach ensures all members are able to apply what is being taught. Members are encouraged to ask questions! Classes are always followed with training time(grappling) which bridges the gap between learning and application.

We are affiliated with Uzcategui Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, training under Professor Jonathan and Hope Uzcategui. Suggested equipment for your trial class is a BJJ gi and belt, provided at the academy.

Martial Arts After School Program
in Burgaw, NC.


Our After School Program is an all inclusive program that gives your child the opportunity to grow in the martial arts on a daily basis.


To challenge and grow your child physically and mentally in a family safe atmosphere. Pick up, After School Care, and Classes are all included with our program. We serve the Burgaw, Willard, Penderlea and Rocky Point community.



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My son does after school care here and it’s great. He’s always in a positive mindset when I pick him up and is always excited for the next day. He’s become more patient too and for my son that’s an achievement. Thank you Lions Crest, for giving me a the peace of mind knowing my child is safe.
— Dylan Sabo


Our program is for ages 6-14 yrs old / 1st to 8th grade.

After picking up your child from school (pick up locations below), they will participate in classes specific to our After School Program that includes our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing curriculum. Healthy snacks are provided along with time set aside for homework.

We follow the school calendar and pick up on half days/ early release but not on school closings/ holidays. 


  • Cape Fear Elementary

  • Cape Fear Middle

  • Burgaw Elementary

  • Burgaw Middle

  • Malpass Corner Elementary

  • Penderlea School

  • Penderlea Christian Academy

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Give your child an opportunity that will last a lifetime

I have been taking karate & jiu-jitsu at Lion’s Crest for 10 months and two of my daughters are also attending. Michael & Sydney are excellent instructors and are very trustworthy. They provide classic teaching with an emphasis on practical application. They keep the classes interesting for all ages and are aware of each students skills and limitations. We love the classes, would highly recommend attending!
— Rich A.


training in the martial arts can draw these qualities out. Our goal at Lion's Crest is to teach them how to learn, and with this, they will have all the tools to become a successful adult.This becomes a TRUE confidence builder.OUR KIDS' PROGRAMS ARE FUN, BUT WILL REQUIRE HARD WORK:

5-7 Year Old Classes

STRUCTURE | Listening and following instructions take priority over punches and kicks. We use a variety of drills and games help kids develop good listening skills along with better coordination. Quality Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Karate start with step by step instruction of the basics; our instructors go over these basics on a level that our 5-7 yr olds can understand and accomplish.

8-10 Year Old Classes

DISCOVERY | These classes focus on building a foundation of martial arts training. Our children discover the coordination, speed, accuracy, endurance, and attention to detail they are capable of. Our instructors focus on repetitious drilling to ensure our kids can understand and apply the technique.

We teach martial arts as both self defense and sport. As a self defense, we emphasize when and how to defend yourself. As a sport, our classes encourage kids to make healthy choices.

11-14 year old

PREPARATION | As our teens prepare for adulthood/independence, our classes give them opportunities to take ownership over their training. Our goal is to see them continue a lifetime of training in the martial arts: a reference to our motto “Train for Life.” Instructors elevate our teens understanding of technique, timing, and application.

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