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Our Adult's Membership offers Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Kick Boxing, and Women's Only Kick Boxing. Each program brings a different challenge that will sharpen your skills in competition and self defense. No matter the skill level, our team cares about your training and safety. Scroll down for more information about our different programs to help you Train for Life. 



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Mike and Sydney are amazingly talented coaches with excellent technique, welcoming personalities, and a passion for teaching the Gentile Art. I highly recommend their school to practitioners of all levels, if you live in or near Burgaw, go train here, you will not regret it!
— Andrew Schaeffer


Our Kick Boxing gives you the tools for practical self defense along with providing a great workout. Michael and Sydney Lewis have the ability to teach all skill levels, effectively helping their members with strength, fitness, flexibility, balance, technique, and confidence. Class begins with warmups and stretches before drilling. Drilling consists of footwork, basic strikes (punches & kicks), partner offense/defense combos. Finally we move into pad work and heavy bag rounds.

Suggested equipment for your trial class is 10 - 16 oz boxing gloves, provided at the academy



Our Women's Kickboxing Program is more than just a cardio workout, it is real self defense. The drills and techniques challenge you mentally and physically to build confidence in your self protection. Join our ladies now and be encouraged towards your goals. Suggested equipment for your trial class is 10 - 16 oz boxing gloves, provided at the academy



Focusing on technical skills and knowledge, our instructors challenge new and experienced members to take their Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to a higher level.

We start with basic movement drills that apply to the technique of the day. A step by step approach ensures all members are able to apply what is being taught. Members are encouraged to ask questions! Classes are always followed with training time(grappling) which bridges the gap between learning and application.

We are affiliated with Uzcategui Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, training under Professor Jonathan and Hope Uzcategui. Suggested equipment for your trial class is a BJJ gi and belt, provided at the academy.